Green Med Info

I learned of Sayer Ji and GreenMedinfo through the Food Revolution Summit.  It was so exciting to realize that someone had created the database we all dream of – to be able to find information on the healing properties of food and herbs!!  I have learned a lot from this website and highly recommend you visit it.

Sayer Ji founded GreenMedinfo in 2008.  Sayer Ji is an author, researcher and one of the most respected thought leaders in the natural health world today.  GreenMedinfo provides the world with an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative approaches to health.

GreenMedinfo also features daily health articles written by a wide range of professionals. You’ll get Sayer’s top research-based tips for unleashing the power of real food and natural principles to support radical improvements in your health and wellness.

Some favorite articles:

Migraine – linked to certain heavy metal and mineral deficiencies

Sesame Seed – the ultimate healing seed


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