Practice Clean Living

What the heck does it mean to “Practice Clean Living”???  Well I started with going chemical free in the body.  This entailed eating organic whole foods (preferably locally grown and from the Farmer’s Markets), absolutely the minimum in processed food (pretty much the only processed food in our home is coconut milk for cooking soups, making whipped cream, and tapioca pudding), eliminating chemicals in body care products, eliminating all western medicines, and the biggest project, eliminating chemicals from the house.  The process took awhile but that’s where patience is practiced.

Patience is a virtue that is achieved so beautifully through meditation.  Through the daily practice of yoga, and healing evenings with Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama from Sri Lanka (Dr. Abey) I am able to meditate almost anywhere.  What a blessing.  I meditate everyday.  Always.  Even if it is for 5 minutes.  It works.

I also use essential oils for healthy clean living.  For more information on how to become familiar with essentials oils, please send me an e-mail at




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