H2O at Home – Natural Home & Personal Care

H2O products are natural, organic, not animal tested, packed in recyclable packaging, have honest labels and are free from all toxins, GMSs, synthetic fragrances, and other potentially harmful chemicals.  

H2O’s philosophy is better quality instead of higher quantity.  The products and processes are designed to minimize the environmental footprint.  Many of H2O‘s innovative products are patented and 85% are made in Europe.

H2O’s 3E Concept tells it all:

  • efficient – reduce your cleaning time by 40%
  • eco-friendly – use 90% fewer chemicals
  • easy-to-use – the products are lightweight and easy to use

Clean with water.   H2O’s Chiffonnettes, high technology microfibers, blends innovate design with the highest quality microfibers so you can clean your entire home with water.

Use less product.  Cleaning with Chiffonnettes significantly reduces the number of products you need.

Ban toxic chemicals.  The plant-based formulas are safe and free of toxins.  All ingredients are disclosed and the products are certified by independent agencies.

Visit my H2O website for a look at all the amazing home and body products.

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